Chiropractic focuses on the causes of pain in the musculo-skeletal system and not just the symptoms. Its main aim to reduce pain and improve overall health by maintaining correct spinal alignment through a variety of methods which promote optimal nerve function and optimal health, Chiropractors specialise in the diagnosis and successful treatment of musculo-skeletal problems.

+What Conditions Can Be Treated?


  • Back pain and stiffness
  • Trapped nerves
  • Slipped discs
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Ante-natal back care

+What happens on my first visit?


During your first visit the chiropractor will take a consultation to assess your health and medical history. You will be asked about your present condition and lifestyle. Please feel free to ask any questions you have at any point during your visit in the clinic. Once your medical history is complete we will then be able to examine and treat you.

The examination will ascertain what is causing your current condition. This will include various orthopaedic, neurological and range of movement tests. Signs of movement restriction (subluxations) will also be checked at this time.

We will explain what we have found during your examination and will recommend a course of chiropractic treatment to alleviate the problem. We will also advice on lifestyle, posture and may recommend a course of exercises to prevent a re-occurrence of your initial complaint.

+What Does Chiropractic Treatment Involve?


Treatment will be unique to your particular problem. It may include one or more of the following approaches:

  • Soft tissue work – to release muscle and trigger point work to relieve pain.
  • Spinal manipulation - Also called adjustment which gently move the involved joint into the direction of which it is restricted. This may involve the application of a short quick movement in that direction or a slow mobilising action.
  • Rehabilitation Exercises - exercises are used to achieve lasting pain relief. They aid in tissue healing, recovery and decrease pain.

+How Long Will it Take to Get Better?


The treatment program is always tailored to the individual and the tie taken to get well depends on factors such as the length of time you have had a problem and your general lifestyle. Short lived problems of tern improve after just a few visits, Other more chronic conditions may take longer.

Other Treatments Available

+Deep Tissue Massage


A firm massage which releases tight muscles and breaks down knotted tissue. Massage therapy improves circulation and brings oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues, helping to relieve aches and pains and stiffness in the body.

Deep Tissue Massage Pricing:

  • £50.00 per hour
  • £30.00 per 30 mins



A holistic treatment which stimulates pressure points on the feet. In reflexology the foot acts as a map of the entire body and certain points on the feet can aid healing in the body. Reflexology can successfully treat many complaints including headaches, respiratory, digestive and stress related problems.

Reflexology Pricing:

  • £40.00 per hour